Proč Via přežila, zatímco CYRIX a Transmeta ne

Přezaměstnanost není dobrá pro dlouhodobou konkurenceschopnost

Glenn Henry o Via

„We did this new architecture and first chip with a company of less than 100 people, including lots of testers and support people. Intel’s process is also very good, but since when has product cost been a key factor in their market?“

And what of the fallen foes in Intel’s wake, such as Transmeta and Cyrix? Henry said, „Transmeta was doomed to start with. Their die was too big, their power approach was over-hyped, and they had grotesque incompatibility. Then, they were incredibly bloated. I used to joke that they had more VPs than we had people. They certainly had more managers than we had people.“

„Cyrix had a good product, but they got bought by a ‚big smokestack‘ company and they got bloated. When Via bought Cyrix, they had 400, and we had 60, and we were turning out more product.“

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