Správa reklamního prostoru

Jak prodat reklamní prostor na webu

Smart Ad Server Paris. The 75 employee ad-tech firm is a premium ad-serving solution provider (think SaaS software) that offers a single user-friendly interface that allows the user to program rich media campaigns for web, mobile & tablet devices.

Adtech Germany – acquired by AOL
XAXIS – Turbine is an evolution in the data management platform, designed to give advertisers the capability to make better data-driven programmatic media buying decisions in real time.
Doubleclick – Google subsidiary – Doubleclick for Publishers
AdJuggler provides a SaaS-based digital ad management platform for media companies, ad networks, and publishers.
ZEDO World’s Largest Independent Global Ad Server, Ad Technology Innovator and Publisher Monetization Partner
adbutler.com easy to use ad serving
OpenX – is a real time advertising technology company. The company has developed an integrated technology platform that combines ad server and a real time bidding exchange with yield optimization for advertising and digital media companies.

Adsapient open source ad platform

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